Commercial Insurance Quoting Application

NOTE: I am unable to show screenshots of my work publically. Please contact me if you would like to see screenshots.

Project Background

Liberty Mutual Insurance’s commercial insurance quoting application is used by agents and underwriters to quote business insurance for clients (e.g. property and liability insurance, commercial auto insurance, etc).

The current commercial insurance quoting application is all-encompassing for any type of business and any size company. Through competitive analysis, it was found that we could design a “quick quote” system for small businesses. This new application would be streamlined to only ask questions necessary for a price, in order to save the user time, and in turn, increase the bind rate for small business policies.

The Process

Throughout this project, I have worked closely with other product designers, business content teams, and development teams. Since we work in an agile modal, we utilize this same process for each set of features.


The first step in the process is the feature creation of new pieces needed for this quick quote system. During this step, the business content teams lead the writing of features. These features encompass a problem statement, and acceptance criteria for what needs to be done to solve the problem. As a design team, we work closely with the content team during this step and help them to focus on the “why”, so that we, as the designers, can focus on the “how” during the creation step.

In addition, during this step, we often conduct user interviews to find out the pain points that users have when using the current quoting system. That way, we can make sure to mitigate these pain points when designing the new system.

Understanding & Creating

After the initial feature creation, the content team does a review of the features with our design team to give us an opportunity to ask questions and get background information that will aid in our design process.

We are then able to go into the main portion of our design process. After getting an initial understanding of the feature, we read through the acceptance criteria to get a more in-depth view of what needs to be done. With this information we go into the design phase where we start creating wireframes. When creating wireframes, we make sure to follow existing patterns as outlined in our design system, in order to create consistency between pieces of the application.

After initial wireframes are created that encompass the acceptance criteria outlined in the feature, we review these wireframes with the content team to make sure that our design solves the problem statement outlined in the feature, iterating on this step when necessary. After we are able to get the content team’s approval, we like to do usability testing if it’s a larger feature. This way we can test our design assumptions with users and make sure our proposed design solves their pain points. Once we have tested our designs with users and iterated as needed, we review our design with the development team to make sure things are feasible from a technical perspective.


Once every quarter we do a heuristic review of our complete application from head-to-toe. This allows us to catch any inconsistencies within our application as well as strategies that may need to be refined as the application grows.


Throughout this project, I have also had an opportunity to utilize my HTML and CSS skills by helping out the developers with any stylistic adjustments needed once a feature is developed. For example, during this project, Liberty Mutual updated their branding, and I was able to make those branding adjustments throughout the application.


The results of the new quoting application have been overwhelmingly positive so far. Many believe that the experience has drastically improved from the previous quoting application. Here are a few quotes from users:

  • “I love the new [quoting] system and have continued to use it as often as I can!”
  • “The [new quoting] system is the most user-friendly quoting system I have ever used.”
  • “So far it has been very simple and quick compared to the last quoting platform.”
  • “It’s user friendly and really fast. My favorite system so far.”
  • “I feel like this will make it easier for our staff to do business with you which in turn will drive more premium. I’m excited for us to move forward.”

To date, Liberty Mutual has sold 39,729 policies through the new quoting application, which has resulted in over $41M of premium.